Stainless Steel Straw Pack! WIDE Mouth

Stainless Steel Straw Pack! WIDE Mouth

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Squirrel Stash stainless steel straw pack!  Includes 2 straws (one straight and one bent) along with a cleaner!


These straws are about 8.5" long and wide mouths, which means they will still work well for your morning smoothie or dessert milkshake (cashew mylk shakes are our favorites!)


Ditch that bad habit and use these awesome straws instead.


Just so you know, these straws are not flexible.  The bent straw is meant to stay that way and the straight one isn't meant to bend.  So don't try to think you can change them because they are happy just the way they are!


Thanks so much for helping to support a more sustainable tomorrow with Squirrel Stash!